[626] #HalloweenSpecial Pillow Man costume.

KOOLSKULL : 2023/10/26(Thu) 14:34 ID : ca6a4582

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#HalloweenSpecial Pillow Man costume. by KOOLSKULL

Post a drawing of your favorite Halloween Costume you've done, or wanna do. This one is my Pillow-Man costume wh en I was 6 or 7 years old. I made it from cutting holes into my pillow at last minute to enter a costume contest at an outdoor screening of Ghostbusters in seattle when I was a kid. I won a six pack of root beer. I thought I had literally just win beer at the time, and I was surprised my parents allowed me to drink it and felt like a king. I think this is why I like soda more than alcohol now haha. I liked Ghostbusters cus it was goofy, but scare movies always frightened me too much at the time.

[622] no title

anonymous : 2023/10/22(Sun) 16:48 ID : aaf1e085

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no title by anonymous

[625] Re: no title : anonymous : 2023/10/24(Tue) 21:13 ID : a9f8f9e3

thank you

[620] now a word from us kids

bimps : 2023/10/18(Wed) 09:15 ID : 7cd166f2

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now a word from us kids by bimps

wanted to add remi eyes ๐Ÿ˜†

[621] Re: now a word from us kids : anonymous : 2023/10/19(Thu) 20:05 ID : 1f330de0


[619] no title

anonymous : 2023/10/16(Mon) 17:04 ID : 1990e19a

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no title by anonymous

[593] chii

chii : 2023/09/27(Wed) 00:35 ID : d0da5701

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chii by chii


[594] Re: chii : anonymous : 2023/09/27(Wed) 01:47 ID : a9f8f9e3


[618] Re: chii : Jumon : 2023/10/15(Sun) 19:43 ID : f098310c [URL]

Everytime I see a Chobits reference I reminisce about @CHOBITCOIN's reign of terror on twitter during "gamergate." These people even wrote articles crying about it!๐Ÿ˜‚ Anyhow, I love your style

[595] no title

anonymous : 2023/09/28(Thu) 11:04 ID : c3460d00

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no title by anonymous


[598] Re: no title : anonymous : 2023/10/02(Mon) 21:04 ID : a9f8f9e3


[617] Re: no title : Jumon : 2023/10/15(Sun) 19:39 ID : f098310c [URL]

Love this one, where is this character from?

[604] no title

Capturing a wild Birdy : 2023/10/09(Mon) 16:56 ID : 8f9dcd9c

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no title by Capturing a wild Birdy


KWO <3

[616] Re: no title : Jumon : 2023/10/15(Sun) 19:38 ID : f098310c [URL]

GENGAR used CONFUSE RAY. It's very effective!

[607] arthur needs ghibs NOW

bimps : 2023/10/10(Tue) 16:31 ID : 63375d12 *

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arthur needs ghibs NOW by bimps


[615] Re: arthur needs ghibs NOW : Jumon : 2023/10/15(Sun) 19:31 ID : f098310c [URL]

Same, Arthur. Same. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

[608] no title

Oekaki Bro's Pro Skater 3 : 2023/10/10(Tue) 19:26 ID : 2bb0627b

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no title by Oekaki Bro's Pro Skater 3

this is quite possibly the only game I ever truly ibsessed over or really cared about as a child. I once spent 48 hrs straight playing while my parents were away, they came home and I hadn't eaten for two days and my three little brothers were angry at me becuae I didn't let them play during this obsessive session.

[609] Oekaki Bro's Pro Skater 3 : KOOLSKULL : 2023/10/10(Tue) 19:40 ID : 2bb0627b

i think i posted this wrong but hey here us my entry koolskull.eth

[614] Re: no title : Jumon : 2023/10/15(Sun) 19:30 ID : f098310c [URL]

Love how this one turned out, hope to see you participate in these more often!

[612] no title

Uzumaki Naruto : 2023/10/11(Wed) 00:38 ID : 1e3b93bb

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no title by Uzumaki Naruto

0x wallet : 0xEC9dDBd035f2e24449fC2ec03350119BAE43527E
discord usrname : erosenseinin

[613] Re: no title : KOOLSKULL : 2023/10/11(Wed) 10:42 ID : 342c004f

Love this piece!! Damg, I remember the original number 1 shonen jump being released.. classic!